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September 18, 2010
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Solidarity 30th Anniversary by jswis Solidarity 30th Anniversary by jswis
Solidarity 30th Anniversary


Solidarity (Polish: Solidarność, pronounced [sɔliˈdarnɔɕtɕ] ( listen); full name: Independent Self-governing Trade Union "Solidarity" Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy "Solidarność" [ɲezaˈlɛʐnɨ samɔːˈʐɔndnɨ ˈzvjɔ̃zɛk zavɔːˈdɔvɨ sɔliˈdarnɔɕtɕ]) is a Polish trade union federation founded in September 1980 at the Gdańsk Shipyard, and originally led by Lech Wałęsa.
Solidarity was the first non-communist party-controlled trade union in a Warsaw Pact country.[citation needed] In the 1980s it constituted a broad anti-bureaucratic social movement. The government attempted to destroy the union during the period of martial law in the early 1980s and several years of political repression, but in the end it was forced to start negotiating with the union.
The Round Table Talks between the government and the Solidarity-led opposition led to semi-free elections in 1989. By the end of August a Solidarity-led coalition government was formed and in December 1990 Wałęsa was elected President of Poland. Since then it has become a more traditional, liberal trade union.

(This is a photo of one of the original poster that were sold in 1980. I got it from one of the ladies that used bring around a break cart in the building where I worked.)
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beautiful idea but as most beautiful thing got completely messed up!
it's that way with many thing. Nothing of it self is neither good or evil but by comparison, and often something changes the longer it exists.
hey are you a Pole :-)?
The truth is I really don't know. My mother's side where from Czechoslovakia, but where my father's parents were from is not really clear. I was told that they were Polish. I can't tell you much actual info. My Father's parents left fron Vienna Austria and said they were from the "western" border of Poland near Russia {if you check a map it's the wrong side of Poland. My grand parents died in 1915 and 1918 and my father (the youngest was raised by his sisters and there was never much info. My aunt's (1904-2005) birth certificate said the mother was from Budapest Hungary and the father was a Russian shoemaker. A coworker directed me to a "Rusyn" news letter and the book"the people from nowhere" a history of the Carpatho-Rusyn people, Eastern Europe Poland Hungary, Czechoslovakia and part of the Ukraine. Was Rusyn misinterpreted as Russian? I have always felt that I was 1/2 Polish and grew up in an Immigrant neighbor. Russian friends say Swistok is Russian while Polish friends say it's Polish and some German friend s say it can be either meaning constable or whistle blower, or hunter of small ground animals squirrels etc. if you have any other suggestions I would be happy to hear them.
your name sound Polish ... for sure not Russian but southern Polish Swistok means
Marmot which is like Groundhog in the US.
Im a Pole married with US citizen and living in London. You ride a nice bike and liste4n to great music :-)))
I thank you for you reply, it fits with what one said hunter of small ground animals squirrels etc and the Rusyn link. Several site about them.
I wish I could show you my iTune library, I got most of if via my brother who has been collecting albums (vinyl) and Cd's since the 70's. I was born in Passaic New Jersey and grew up in Garfield New Jersey both of which have many Polish Immigrant populations. many of the teenagers speak more Polish than English. In the late 1880's when there were a lot of factories this area was the major area where the "Rusyn" settled and there are many website related to this. My father's sisters never would talk much about the family background. An aunt and uncle both lived to be 101 years old, my father was 87 and the youngest so all information as second or third hand at best.
Thanks again
have you ever been to Poland? it is a "proper" european country now .... in much better shape then it was when your ancesors were leaving and everything looks like it is catching up with western europe :-)
I am not much of a traveler. I was to London and several places near by in 2004 and to Paris in 2006. Before that I spent 18 months in Tripoli Lybia area from Oct 1966 to April 1968 and Okinawa fro Aug 1968 to February 1969. My wife enjoys "go on Holiday" has been to England, Ireland (twice), France, Spain Italy, Germany, Israel, Tunisia, Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. She's planning on going to Vietnam in April. She has a travel buddy and the last few years they make one or two trips a year. Since 9 11 it's too much of a hassle for me with customs and all that. If it were not for that I would like to see Australia and New Zealand (but a 20 to 24 hour flight would be rather tough on my body) and more of Europe. For me right now I prefer my trips local and on my bike. I'm good or a comfortable 75 to 120 miles (110 to 200 km). Then it's time for fuel, a quick meal and rest stop. then it's only 11/2 to 2 hours back. I enjoy it because I never plan a destination, only an area as my goal. If I run into traffic or conditions I just detour and head in a new direction. I always ride one up, sometimes with a small group. December 17th 2010 I was "separated" their choice of words) from my company after 35 years as a chemist for the lone Swiss pharmaceutical company that has not merged (not to be too specific). What I will do in the future remains to be seen.
I agree all of us is soooo interesting. If I lived there and had a bike I would do exactly the same!
I'm sorry to hear about your work. It has been tough here as well. We both have work but a lot of friends are unemployed and overall situation is not promising here in uk. Greece and Ireland are in huge trouble. Now they say the same thing will happen in Portugal and Spain this year so it is all very worrying.
Try not to worry about it if you can.
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